by Vufcup

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released August 4, 2017

all songs produced,mixed,engineered and mastered by Diggy Kat

Diggy Kat - vocals,bass,guitars,keyboards,piano
Erik Zuniga - drums

Leah Provencher - bass,vocals
Bianca Espino-Pursley - bass,vocals
Bridget Auriel - vocals
Melanie Rose - vocals,keyboards
Kayla Ludy - vocals

all songs (c) 2017 ASCAP
track 12 (c) 2011 ASCAP
track 13 (c) 2009 ASCAP
track 14 (c) 2013 BMI

recorded August 5th-October 21,2016



all rights reserved


Vufcup Santa Clarita, California

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Track Name: New Vows
if you want me i will always be there
if you need me i will always be there

you got the brawn i got the brains
you got the locks, i got the chains
pull off to the side and put it in park
hit him with a hammer so he doesn't talk

you got the rope, i got the bricks
you got the tape, i got the picks
i got your back, you got my word
now let's throw this body overboard

you got the shovel, i got the sack
you got the car, i got the map
i got your hand don't be afraid
you were my only witness babe

i had loved you but i really don't care
all evidence buried with you right here
Track Name: Richard Killed Cameron
in a little town north of LA
beginning of October started today
what a weekend to tear things apart
there is no end if we do not start
now Cameron was a well known young man
with his mohawk, i slight emo fan
and Richard was quiet and nice
something in him, just could not suffice

'cuz Richard killer Cameron in California
and now he's on the run from the law
i think i heard something about Arizona
the border patrol could be the only flaw

who knows how or when or why
it's a shame Cameron had to die
i said hey did you hear the news
looks like Richard is still on the loose
i think we should all unite
track Richard down both day and night
you can run but you sure can't hide
this is for Cameron, should have left him alive

live your life to the fullest and don't be like Richard
give it your all, don't back down if you feel confronted
life your life, not just for yourself, but also for Cameron
make the right choices, don't hurt nobody, don't be like Richard.
Track Name: Home
home what is home?, experience so much when i roam
home, where is home?, home is where i'm at when i roam

witnessing things i've never seen, in my life in my dreams
i have dreamt of these things, i thought i would never see
in all of my fantasties, i have hopes i have leads
to where i was meant to be, i left home to find family

i took off when i was young, just wanted to experience some fun
i had left out of love, but where i left there was some love
i took duo bus and triple train, just to see what the world remains
i saw land and mountains high, i saw rivers from the sky
Track Name: Who Chewed The Pen Cap?
i met someone she lives down the street from me
she's my type, not what i used to be
we shared a few secrets to challenge our intellect
she's like me,an all-american defect

when i first saw her i liked her from the start
but i had my eyes closed and she broke my heart
it used to be alrght but now i'm more concerned
when you play with love you're more likely to get burned

i'm more messed up than you could ever be
we match each other perfect in every
existence of our memory
i feel your pain, it burns deep inside of me

she was my girl and i was her pet
even though we hadn't gone on a date yet
i could feel her motion me ya with her eyes
through her love of fallen enterprise

then she turned around to me and said
what i really like about you is what you're not dead
please excuse me while i vaporize
i'll see your moldy complaints on the other side

and then she turned around to me and said
what i really like about you is what you're not dead
please excuse me while i re-vaporize
i'll hear your old complaints on the other side
Track Name: Don't Cut,Baby
i feel you sigh in the middle of the night
no one will know, doesn't make it alright
only you will see when it pours out easily
you're not just hurting you but you're also hurting me

you say you're gonna stop, every intention to
you stay fine for awhile then it sneaks back up on you
it's so much easier just to give in
but you're stronger than that, only you can make it end

is your life that bad? maybe
well don't cut, baby
i can hear you cry "save me"
but don't cut, baby

you think you are alone, but you're not the only one
others have scars from what you have done
so think about the ones that aren't as strong as you
if you be strong for yourself maybe they'll pull through too

this is just a set back, it's only temporary
you have got to learn that this isn't necessary
there are other outlets, you've just got to learn
not to reach for sharp objects whenever you get burned

how have you been lately?
well have you cut,baby?
channel your hating
so you don't cut, baby

is your life that bad? maybe
well don't cut, baby
i can hear you scream "save me"
please don't cut, baby

don't give into the craving
you're much stronger, baby
you know that i'm praying
so you don't cut, baby

no you don't cut baby
ah you know what i'm saying
with all these words that i'm praying
Track Name: These Games
hello, how are you doing?
i can't get you off of my mind
i'm leaving room for expectations
while i'm waiting for you to be mine

there's some things that you don't know
like how i think about you all the time
so come on baby, gotta quit to start
is any of this such a crime?

i know you mean not to play these games
but you not calling me equals out to the same
my heart can't take much more
so stop stopping yourself from entering doors
stop playing these, stop playing these, stop playing these games

i met you earlier this year
had energy something like mine
well last week we met again
and found out you're a Gemini

this explains a lot of the things
you said "having 6 cats would be like living a dream"
so come on baby you don't have to sleep
to live with me in my reality
Track Name: Lil' Miss Wolf Paws
i search this town walking alone, 5 til midnight, feeling alright
i got a feeling down in my bones, full on moonlight, it's in hindsight
up on a cliff i hear a howl and i know who's gonna be coming to town

lil' miss wolf paws well she's thirsty for blood
give her some meat that's how she feels love
we just won't tell her it's made by morningstar
toss her a piece but make sure it's from afar

she made a knife in her past life, swinging on vines, how she survived
declaring freedom for the people that sing "this is my life! this is my life!"
had a flag with a sword through the eye of a skull she had tattooed under her thigh
Track Name: A Girl Named Tic Toc
well i saw her today at the G.R.A.,hangin' out in the cold
she had a cap on and a pierced lip and watching her baby bro
i passed by our eyes met and i told her i love her look
i kept walking then i stopped and thought maybe i was hooked

i looked back and saw she was gone, i looked back to where i belonged
i peaked through the door and saw her looking at hats
and i thought to myself "oh i like that"

well i walked right in, needing a new friend, looked like she had fit the call
i walked up to the table she was sitting at and initiated some talk
i comment again on how she looked and handed her my business card
i extended my paw said "i'm Diggy Kat" she said "my name's Tic Toc"

whoa Tic Toc

she reminded me of a wolf i once knew
upon a second look really freaking cute
so i decided to write a Melody
about this encounter,you see
Track Name: Good Kids Don't Throw Things
you are quiet, you are playin', you drop a toy, it's frustrating
just let it go, don't be sad, you let it go 'cuz i'm mad
and now you cry, you throw a fit, it goes too far and i get hit
there's flying toys in the air, you throw it all, you don't care

but you're a good kid so don't throw things
you've been pulling at my heartstrings but you're a good kid so don't throw things

mama loves you no matter what you do
you're such a sweet kid and your heart is true
i will forgive you no matter what you said
but it still hurts when you throw toy robots at my head

you stand still you look around,there's lots of toys on the ground
you look at me, i look at you, who will be next? i wonder who
i say again just let it go, let's take a breath, let's watch a show
you rub your eyes and then i laugh 'cuz now i know you need a nap

good boy
good girl
Track Name: Zombie Beauty Queens
getting ready for the show, the girls sit down in a row
in front of mirrors, their beauty so rare
excited hopeful, so glad to be there
they do their hair, they do their nails
applying make up, they look a little pale
an arm falls off but that's ok, this kind of thing happens everyday

all the zombie beauty queens, decaying limbs and bursting seams
up on stage with their big hearts, stumbling over body parts
bright green skin and yellow eyes, mouth sewn up can't tell no lies
all dolled up these dug up dames, get the crown they'll eat your brains

onto the catwalk they shamble out, the audience begins to shout
wolfman, dracula, frankenstein! to all these girls they were really kind
the talent portion was really neat, the other girls were really sweet
the pageant ends they crown the winner, a celebration, brains for dinner

it doesn't matter how decayed you are, everyone can be a star
beauty is deeper than just on the skin and real beauty is found within
so if you need a lift up from the ground, these beauty queens can always be found
so smile big and dry your tears, the zombie beauty queens are here
Track Name: Big Bug Smile
the petals they look back at me from raindrops underneath the trees
they sparkle and dance in the sun, as the fairies sing they have their fun

clouds form in shapes of hearts then disconnect in separate parts
all the insects march in single file, all greet the day with a big bug smile

this life of 8 legs, growing wings on my back
burrowing a home, sleep when i can

i see the alchemy with dust trails of bugs, i see the homicide left by a thousand slugs
it makes me wonder why i ever walked a mile, then it all pays off with your big bug smile

a big bug smile, looking right back at me
a big bug smile, tiny little teeth
a big bug smile, well it's laughing with me
a big bug smile, yeah whoa
Track Name: Clare Blues
right after plum on bouquet
there's a bus stop by a wash
that cross street holds the key
to a girl i have lost
winter 07, monday mornings 7am
i'd start to notice her, on the bus

something about her intrigued me, but i didn't know what it was
she had a crocheted cap, that she'd make herself
i wanted to ask, what's your name, who are you? where ya going?
i thought that awful trite despite myself

finally i thought to myself that i must
make myself known to you at nearly any cost
but you seem so shy, don't know where to begin
how do i even start this conversation?

figured out a speech so i wouldn't be out of line
we ended up talking about things for quite some time
over the weeks i found out she owned a pet tarantula
it gave me the chills, but i smiled after all

finally i thought to myself this is it
finally made contact, this must mean i'm in
she knows me now, she sits right near me
within talking distance, we can chat about anything

i found out today, she's a scorpio
probably a high emo intellectual
i gave her a paper on extinct animals
and today i found out her name is Clare

ever since new year's 2008
she's not on bus 4 anymore, did she graduate?
college of the canyons, are you still there?
tell me do you know anyone named Clare?